What is GiltsEdge?

“GiltsEdge” is the world’s first incentivized Cryptocurrency-Social Media Analytics Platform, developed by GILTS Ltd, by integrating the operations of GILTS owned rewards-based Private Blockchain WaveStream Social Media Analytics Platform (“WaveStream”) with Public Blockchain GiltsEdge Cryptocurrency Exchange (“GiltsEdge Exchange”).

GiltsEdge will issue “eGILTS Tokens” the world’s first gold and digital assets backed cryptocurrency, a safe haven asset that is completely independent of financial institutions at all times.

WaveStream will roll-out WaveStream.SCOOP during Q2, 2018, the first of nine video embedded apps in stages around the world. WaveStream.SCOOP users will be incentivized to form a global network of social media communities to realize GLMB’s goal of building and connecting GiltsEdge's sharing crypto-economy with the real-world commerce.

GiltsEdge has been developed by integrating technologies that include Blockchain, Multimedia Communication, Cloud, Wireless Communication, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning.

The symbiotic relationship between the ecosystems of WaveStream and GiltsEdge Exchange has enabled GiltsEdge to conduct analytics on the cache of data streamed by WaveStream.SCOOP users. Data analytics will benefit all stakeholders; from investors who will gain through the appreciation of the analytics value; to users who will earn eGILTS Reward Tokens for uploading the live video streams to our portal

WaveStream will deliver video live streamed news service from pre-screened and trusted users. The news service has enabled WaveStream.SCOOP to implement a fair reward model for users who register as Citizen Reporters or Vloggers. The registered users will earn eGILTS Tokens by uploading live video news to as the news unfold. The uploaded news will be verified, validated; and data analytics conducted in real-time before release into the public domain.

The data analytics will be warehoused at “GILTS Compendium” as the Trusted Source and Living Time Capsule for Real-time Media Contents and Data Analytics. GILTS Compendium will enable the current and successive generations of users to share the rich data analytics that will alter the way the public, businessmen and politicians live, work and interact to build a successful sharing crypto-economy in the real-world.

The GiltsEdge Experience

GiltsEdge the TRUSTED SOURCE and Living Time Capsule for Real-time AV Contents and Data Analytics

Key Features of WaveStream

WaveStream offers the benefit of zero start-up time for your own brand channel

WaveStream’s rapid deployment model simultaneously delivers real-time video streams to millions of mobile phone or desktop viewers worldwide

WaveStream has pioneered the use of algorithms that insures news scoops are video live streamed from TRUSTED Citizen Journalists 24/7

WaveStream has a team of professional journalists available 24/7 around the world to curate in real-time video streams uploaded by TRUSTED Citizen Journalists

Boost your community engagement by answering video questions in real-time, face-to-face from mobile or desktop devices

WaveStream’s solutions provide the best cloud security, compliance, cost efficiency and scalability

NB: WaveStream is currently offering a Developer Edition version for mobile app developers and digital media experts ONLY.


The trade engine of GCE instantly and automatically matches orders between buyers and sellers.

Multi-currency wallets are provided to allow owners to establish different cryptocurrency accounts. All cryptocurrency are automatically secured via multi-signature cold storage to prevent theft.

GCE provides a full order book provides the necessary liquidity to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with tight spreads.

All cryptocurrency funds are managed by our integrated wallet software. Fiat funds are manually controlled by the exchange operator.

Owners can establish any currency account including Altcoins with GCE.

Multiple layers of security prevent any hacking attempts and ensure that owners’ funds always remain safe.

GCE’s platform insures 99.9% uptime. Several pillars implemented into our platform enables: (i) DNS failover and fast failover (ii) Geo IP routing and (iii) a distributed server architecture.

GiltsEdge Distributed Ledger Taxonomy

Displayed below is GiltsEdge Distributed Ledger Taxonomy showing our private Blockchain supported WaveStream running in parallel with the public Blockchain that underpins GiltsEdge Exchange. WaveStream enables Citizen Reporters and Vloggers to earn eGILTS Reward Tokens in exchange for uploading genuine real-time video news or events. The Reward Tokens will also be earned by IT savvy streaming and video analysts as part of a continuing process, to produce meaningful analytics to be warehoused at GILTS Compendium for subsequent release to the public.

GiltsEdge Distributed Ledger Taxonomy

Existing cryptocurrencies live both at the mining layer and the semantic layer of the Blockchain stack.

We have enhanced the security of our private Blockchain by confining the “eGILTS Reward Token” (the cryptocurrency used at the mining layer) to the mining layer to support the creation and consumption operations. This has enabled an eGILTS Reward Token to be attached to a block and retiring the token when that block is confirmed before sending it back into the void where it came from. The restriction will prevent theft at the mining layer.

We are working on the pre-mine eGILTS Reward Tokens layer to improve the uneven distribution of mining capacity and allocation of eGILTS Reward Tokens. Pre-mine eGILT Reward Tokens live at the semantic level and can be used as a store of value and means of payment which makes them transferrable. The term “pre-mine eGILTS Reward Tokens” is used here to emphasize that these are the tokens that were created for sale during the ICO.

The dual mining/pre-mine token system under development will allow for a flexible issuance model to be implemented. eGILTS Reward Tokens are transient and their supply adapts to the rate of block creation. They are created when blocks are confirmed and are also retired when blocks are confirmed.

Changing Public Perception of Cryptocurrencies

While retailers are starting to respond to the cryptocurrency market, the scope of the currency’s success is however, contingent on gaining public trust and acceptance. The launch of eGILTS Token will positively change the public perception and promote acceptance of cryptocurrencies by:

  • Increasing the number of use cases and showcasing the benefits of cryptocurrencies worldwide. A bigger user base will increase public trust. It will positively impact the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies. Without public trust, the system of virtual currency as an alternative payment method or an investment stock is unsustainable.
  • Explaining to the public the distinction between the Blockchain technology that is able to move assets ‘frictionlessly’ and; Bitcoin and Ethereum the virtual currencies; and virtual commodities; and
  • Educating and assuring the skeptical public. Current events indicating the volatility and spike in the price of cryptocurrency, scandals relating to speculation, hacking attacks, black market usage, Ponzi schemes and other criminal activities have captured the attention of not only of media but also of the mass consumers, financial institutions and the regulators.